New CDC-backed tool could help connect people with vaccines allows users to see where vaccines are available in their community.

One of the challenges of getting people vaccinated against COVID-19 is connecting people with available doses. Now a new online tool promises to help make that a little easier. was developed with the support of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Still in its infancy, the site is lite on data so far, but it promises to eventually become a central repository on vaccine availability data.

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“We’re trying to create a trusted site and bring some order to all this chaos and confusion around availability,” said John Brownstein, a researcher at Boston Children’s Hospital, another one of the site’s backers.

At the moment, data in Kalamazoo County is scant. It currently lists just about a dozen vaccination sites in the county, and lists most of them as having no doses available.

Eventually, the site developers hope to improve the reporting capabilities of the site, including up-to-date availability data for communities throughout the country.

You can read more on NPR.

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