Survey: Most Michiganders aren’t comfortable traveling during pandemic

The survey, conducted by AAA, shows 2/3 of Michiganders cancelled or rescheduled travel plans during 2020.

You might not know it from looking at your friends’ vacation photos on Facebook, but a majority of Michiganders have cancelled or amended their travel plans during the pandemic.

That stat comes from a new survey conducted by AAA in January. The group found that more than 62% of Michigan residents are uncomfortable traveling while the coronavirus rages on throughout the state and country.

“The COVID-19 vaccine truly is the key to restoring Americans’ confidence in traveling again,” said Adrienne Woodland, a spokesperson for AAA.

Despite that, the survey found that attitudes around travel have changed during the course of the pandemic. About one in five respondents said they are more comfortable traveling now than during the early days of the pandemic.

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There are a number of cited reasons for that, including just basic pandemic fatigue.

The survey found that whatever they may be feeling about the safety of it, over half of Michigan residents plan some sort of vacation before the end of the year.

You can read more on WXYZ Detroit.

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