Alcohol sales soared during the pandemic

The sales of alcoholic beverages jumped 20% in Michigan last year - keeping one industry afloat during the pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has had some strange effects on the economy. Sales of puzzles skyrocketed. So did video games.

One other industry that was bolstered by people stuck at home with nothing to do was alcohol.

State records show that alcohol sales rose by 20% during 2020, according to Bridge Michigan. And that’s not necessarily good news.

“It was a natural reaction to a really bad year,” said the Rev. Bill Amundsen, the treasurer of the Michigan Council on Alcohol Problems. He worries that people drinking to cope with the stress of the pandemic will find it hard to stop.

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“It’s not a surprise but it means we have to be more deliberate about the public policy with alcohol,” said Amundsen.

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