Benefits to end for thousands of unemployed Michiganders

Extended unemployment benefits will end this week in Michigan - a casualty of low unemployment numbers.

Unemployment numbers have declined since they spiked in December in the wake of COVID shutdown orders. Paradoxically, that’s turning out to be bad news for thousands of still-unemployed Michiganders.

Low jobless numbers have triggered an automatic end to extended unemployment assistance in the state. That means thousands of people will stop receiving checks from the state this week.

What Happened: The state’s Unemployment Insurance Agency on Monday announced announced an abrupt end to the Extended Benefits program. That program kicks in when unemployment levels are high and provides 20 extra weeks of assistance to those out of work.

A so-called High Unemployment Period is triggered when the state has had an unemployment rate above 8% for three months and the rate is at least 110% higher than the past two years. That happened last year, but apparently ended just recently.

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MLive reports that as of February 13, 96,000 Michiganders were receiving extended benefits.

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