Most Michiganders dining out again

A recent survey shows a majority of the state's residents have dined out since restaurants reopened in February. But the risks are still there.

It’s been almost two months since restaurants were allowed to reopen for dine-in customers, and Michiganders are making up for lost time.

A new survey funded by the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association (MRLA) shows that a majority of adults – 54.6% – have eaten indoors at a restaurant since February 1.

That number is notable because restaurants are limited to 50% capacity, but also because health experts still consider dining indoors to be risky.

However, the MRLA is spinning the results as proof restaurant restrictions should be loosened.

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“Michiganders are beyond ready to get back to the experiences that bring joy and meaning to their lives,” said Justin Winslow, the president and CEO of the MRLA.

The survey comes as Michigan is in the middle of a third wave of the coronavirus pandemic with new infection numbers reaching a three-month high.

Dining indoors in public is a high-risk activity, according the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC published a report earlier this month that shows a correlation between eating out and rising infection rates.

Despite all that, state leaders reiterated this week that they are not considering new restrictions on indoor dining.

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