Beware of counterfeit vaccine cards

State AGs are targeting online fraudsters trading in fake cards.

Many people are still having a difficult time getting vaccinated against the coronavirus. Although eligibility has been opened up to everyone age 16 and older, limited supplies mean that many people are left waiting for limited appointment slots. That’s opened up a market for fake vaccine cards.

Michigan’s Attorney General Dana Nessel last week joined with most of her counterparts across the nation to call for online retailers to curtail sales of counterfeit vaccine cards.

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“These cards look legitimate, but are anything but,” she said. “By selling these fake vaccine cards, bad actors are undermining the public safety and prolonging this pandemic.”

Why would someone want a fake vaccine card? It’s not widespread yet, but some businesses and organizations are requiring proof of vaccination in order to get in. Already, some countries are developing vaccine passports to screen travelers.

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