Bronson Hospital closes to visitors

Both Kalamazoo hospitals are now restricting visitors as COVID numbers surge.

Bronson Methodist Hospital is closing its doors to most visitors in a move meant to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in its facilities. The ban went into effect Saturday morning.

According to the hospital’s visitor policy, Bronson will allow visitors in some specific circumstances, such as in the birthing center and in end-of-life situations.

Bronson has seen its share of COVID-19 patients rise in recent weeks and has been operating at over 90% capacity for over a month.

Kalamazoo’s other hospital, Ascension Borgess Hospital, made similar moves more than two weeks ago.

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Over the weekend, Kalamazoo County’s week average of new cases reached the highest level it has been during the pandemic – 150.86 new cases per day.

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