County seeks volunteers for reparations task force

The new panel aims to remedy racial discrimination in Kalamazoo.

Kalamazoo County’s new Reparations Task Force is seeking applicants to help fulfill its mission of examining and remediating discrimination within the county.

What Happened: Last year, the Kalamazoo County Commission voted to create a committee to explore how slavery and discriminatory practices have led to fundamental disadvantages among minority communities in the county.

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“This task force will take a critical look at the historical practices of racial discrimination throughout the community and have frank and open conversations to determine how to remedy the discriminatory practices that have led to disparities in wealth, housing, employment, education and health,” said county Vice Chairperson Tami Rey, who will head up the new committee.

Some elected officials will serve on the board, but they’re also looking for county residents who represent various other groups and professions:

  • Education
  • Housing
  • Criminal Justice
  • Legal
  • Workforce Development
  • BIPOC Community Organization
  • Healthcare
  • Community Organizer/ Activist

Ultimately, the task force will make recommendations to commissioners on how to ameliorate the effects of racism in the community.

You can apply to be on the task force here.

You can read more on WOOD TV 8.

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