Hospitalizations expected to get worse

Projections by state health officials predict the current surge will be worse than the fall.

The number of people being hospitalized for COVID-19 in Michigan has been rising at a rapid pace. And state health leaders believe it is likely to get worse – possibly leading to the highest hospitalization numbers of the pandemic.

What Happened: During a Wednesday press conference, Governor Gretchen Whitmer offered a status update on the state of the pandemic. One slide in particular highlighted the dire prediction for hospitals in the state.

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It showed that over the weekend, there were 3,127 people being treated for COVID-19 in hospitals in Michigan. That’s an increase of over 1,000 in a week. The same slide showed estimates predicting that hospitalization numbers could reach 4,522 by April 12.

If that were to happen, it would be the highest number of COVID-19 patients at any one time during the pandemic – even higher than the peak last spring.

The predictions – and the data they’re based on – come from Michigan Medicine, the medical center of the University of Michigan.

Whitmer tried to downplay the data.

“At this juncture … we do have hospitalizations that have gone up but they’re nothing like what we saw last spring, when we were so worried about our health system collapsing,” she said.

While still technically correct, the numbers are moving in the wrong direction and show no signs of slowing.

You can read more on MLive.

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