Restaurant industry bounces back

Even with infection rates soaring, the restaurant business is climbing back toward pre-pandemic levels.

The restaurant industry is in the midst of an upswing in Michigan. In the wake of COVID-19 restrictions that saw indoor dining cut off completely during much of the winter, restaurants are experiencing a resurgence that is bringing their business near to where it was before the pandemic began.

MLive reports that restaurant industry jobs have bounced back to 84% of where they were pre-pandemic. Despite shedding 102,000 jobs during the early days of the pandemic, more that 105,000 people are now employed in restaurants, diners, bars, and other eating establishments.

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Sadly, local restaurants bore the brunt of pandemic shutdowns, and many of them have had to close their doors permanently. But the sharp rise in dining out is a bright sign of things to come for those who weathered the storm.

There is still a ways to go before we return to life as normal. At the moment, restaurants in Michigan are limited to 50% capacity, and that limitation seems unlikely to lift in the near future.

Also, soaring rates of new infections in the state have many people wary of dining out in a public space no matter what precautions that restaurant might take.

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