5/4/21: Michigan passes 7 million shots as vaccination rates decline

New infection rate reaches two-week low. Daily deaths drop slightly.

Vaccines: More than 7 million Michiganders have now received at least one shot of one of the COVID-19 vaccines.

That news comes just after a report that the state has surpassed a 50% vaccination rate. However, it also comes at the same time vaccination rates are on the decline.

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On Monday, providers in the state inoculated more than 100,000 people. But that wasn’t enough to raise Michigan’s average daily vaccination rate, which has been on the decline for more than a week. Currently, the state is averaging about 62,000 vaccinations per day, which is down more than 20,000 from last Monday.

Kalamazoo County is faring a bit better than the state as a whole. As of Monday, facilities had administered nearly 210,000 doses of a coronavirus vaccine, reaching more than 55% of people age 16 and up.

But there too, vaccination rates are declining. The county is averaging about 1,500 vaccinations per day – half what it was a month ago.

Michigan: The average of new infections have been on the decline in Michigan for two weeks now.

State health officials reported 5,035 new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday and Monday, bringing the seven day average down to 3,368 new cases per day. Two weeks ago the average was nearly double that.

The state also reported 29 new deaths from the coronavirus. The seven day average dropped by less than one person to 63.86 deaths per day.

Kalamazoo County: New infection numbers are declining in Kalamazoo as well.

County officials reported 220 new cases on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, resulting in a seven day average of about 91 new cases per day. That’s about six less than it was on Friday.

The county reported three new deaths from the coronavirus over the weekend. The average dropped to 1.29 deaths per day over the prior week.

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