Businesses left to determine their own mask rules

Though Michigan allows vaccinated people to go maskless, business owners are left to fend for themselves in enforcing them.

Businesses in Michigan are between a rock and a hard place. After state leaders announced that people fully vaccinated against the coronavirus no longer have to wear masks, businesses were left to determine their own policies on mask wearing.

On the one hand, dropping the mask requirement for vaccinated people could boost business. On the other hand, keeping the mask requirement would keep their workers safe from people who might lie about their vaccination status.

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Benny DiCarta’s Pizzeria in downtown Kalamazoo is one of the many restaurants that have dropped their mask mandate for vaccinated folks. But Manager Rayanne McCormick said it’s been tough.

“We can’t really enforce people to wear them if they are vaccinated, or if they’re not,” she told Fox 17. “Some people lie, some people come in without wearing masks because it violates their health rights. We are keeping ourselves safe. Everyone here is vaccinated.”

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