Childcare shortage making return to work difficult

There are very few open spots at childcare centers in Kalamazoo.

Michigan is slowly reopening for business. Declining COVID-19 infection numbers and the prevalence of vaccines means more people are getting back to work, reversing the dramatic job losses experienced early on in the pandemic.

But one thing is keeping many people, especially women, from re-entering the workforce: A lack of childcare.

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WWMT reports that many childcare centers in the Kalamazoo area are at capacity, while others have just a few open slots.

That makes it exceedingly difficult for people with children to go back to their old jobs. Ironically, the problem is exacerbated by issues finding people to work as childcare providers.

“In order to meet needs, we need more fully-credentialed staff,” said Leanne Phelan, program director for the Community Learning Center in Comstock.

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