Goodbye masks

The CDC has issued new guidance saying that fully vaccinated people can ditch the mask in most situations. Michigan is weighing whether to follow suit.

If you are two weeks out from your last COVID-19 vaccine, you can kiss your face mask goodbye. That’s after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new guidance on Thursday saying it’s okay for fully vaccinated people to go maskless in most situations.

What Happened: The CDC’s new guidance comes after weeks of declining infection numbers throughout the nation and increasing availability of coronavirus vaccines.

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According to the guidance, vaccinated people can mostly go back to life as usual two weeks after their final shot. Vaccinated people no longer have to wear masks in public, nor do they have to maintain social distance.

Of course the shift will not be instantaneous. State and local restrictions still apply, and private businesses may still deny service to unmasked people.

There are some limitations to the new guidance: The vaccinated should still wear masks in certain settings, such as on buses and planes, and in nursing homes and prisons.

What Happens Next: Because the guidance is so new, state health officials are still reviewing them before determining how they affect state policy.

Nick Derusha, president of the Michigan Association for Local Public Health, told Bridge Michigan revising state and local rules will take time.

“Everyone’s going to have to analyze the CDC’s guidance, and the state will have to compare that to epidemic orders,” he said.

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