Governor previews back-to-school budget “blueprint”

The governor's plans face opposition from lawmakers in Lansing.

Schools in Michigan need more money to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, and Governor Gretchen Whitmer has a plan to give it to them.

During an appearance with the group Mothering Justice, Whitmer unveiled what she called a “blueprint” for returning to school post-pandemic. It allocates money from the American Rescue Plan to fund things like early childhood education, mental health support for college students, and teacher recruitment.

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“We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to invest in Michigan’s families,” she said. “My budget proposal uses the American Rescue Plan dollars to make long-term investments in our children and the next generation.”

However the plan faces roadblocks, most notably from the Republican-dominated legislature. Lawmakers have been jousting for months over spending priorities, especially related to COVID-19 relief money.

That relief money amounts to nearly $4 billion in support for schools in Michigan. Whitmer said her proposals would not be binding and would be dependent on school districts adopting them.

You can read more on Michigan Radio.

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