Kzoo’s Family Health Center leading vaccine efforts in at-risk communities

Getting vaccines out to minority communities has been difficult. So far, FHC has administered more than 5K of them.

Getting poor and minority communities vaccinated against the coronavirus has been a major hurdle to reaching herd immunity. But in Kalamazoo, the Family Health Center has made great strides in getting people in these communities vaccinated.

So far, targeted vaccination clinics held by the health center have resulted in more than 5,000 shots given.

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The FHC already provides a variety of health services to marginalized communities in Kalamazoo County, often on a sliding pay scale. It’s partnered with several community, religious, and government organizations to bring vaccination clinics to Kalamazoo’s Northside, Eastside, Edison, Westwood, Eastwood, and Milwood neighborhoods, as well as Parchment and Comstock Township. All are areas where poverty and lack of access to healthcare have caused problems.

“We know that our community is only as healthy as our most vulnerable residents,” said FHC CEO Denise Crawford in a statement. “That’s why we continue our outreach and education to folks who have been marginalized.”

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