Teen says she feels “harassed” after being restrained by police

A Kalamazoo police review board is weighing whether the use of force was appropriate.

An incident involving public safety officers and a Kalamazoo teenager last week is drawing the scrutiny of residents as well as a board charged with police oversight.

On May 2, officers with the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety (KDPS) pulled over a car in the city’s Northside neighborhood. A 17-year-old girl refused to comply when officers asked her to get out of the car. That resulted in the officers dragging her from the vehicle and restraining her for several minutes.

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The teen says the use of force was out of line. KDPS says the teen kicked an officer, resulting in the use of force.

Kalamazoo’s Citizen Public Safety Review & Appeals Board reviewed bodycam footage of the incident during its Tuesday meeting. KDPS Assistant Chief Victor Green defended the officers’ actions.

Tajaine Williams feels differently. She’s the older sister of one of the teens who was arrested that day.

“[Officers] just think, they feel like they can do anything,” Williams said in an interview with MLive. “Like they’re police officers, they can hurt you any type of way.”

You can read the full story here.

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