Vaccination rates falling, could extend pandemic

If trends continue as they are, we may not hit 70% vaccination until the end of the summer.

For a several months, COVID-19 vaccines were a hit. It seemed that everyone wanted one, but due to low supply very few could actually get one.

That demand has dwindled, even as roughly 50% of the adult Michigan population has yet to receive a dose. And that could spell trouble as we move toward summer.

Politicians, including President Joe Biden and Governor Gretchen Whitmer, have targeted 70% vaccination as the goal to hit to allow us to return to a normal life. But that rate may be increasingly difficult to reach as the number of people being vaccinated each day declines.

Almost a month ago, on April 12, facilities in Michigan were administering an average of nearly 102,000 doses of vaccine per day. At the time, vaccines were in high demand. The state had just extended vaccine eligibility to all Michiganders age 16 and up.

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Since then, the daily average number of inoculations has cratered. On Sunday – the day the state reached 50% vaccination – facilities administered just 75,000 doses.

If the trend continues, it could be another ten days before we reach 55%. It could be another seven weeks to reach 70%.

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