Despite difficulties, most small businesses optimistic

A survey of Michigan businesses shows most survived the pandemic.

COVID-related closures hit Michigan businesses hard. But after 15 months of pandemic, most small businesses in the state say they expect to survive.

The data comes from a survey conducted by the Small Business Association of Michigan. It shows that 72% of respondents said they will make it through to the end of the pandemic.

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That doesn’t mean everything is roses. Most businesses are still struggling, especially with finding employees.

Half of businesses intend to grow their workforce over the next six months. And 47% say finding and keeping employees is their biggest problem right now.

Here are some other findings of the survey:

  • 78% said COVID-19 had a negative impact on their business
  • 63% said COVID-19 is still having a negative impact on their business
  • 52% said they’ve increased wages since the pandemic began

You can read more on Bridge Michigan.

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