Homeless intervention program extended through July

A Kalamazoo hotel will continue to shelter the unhoused for at least the next two months.

A program to provide shelter for Kalamazoo’s unhoused population got a last minute lifeline last week. That means 140 people will continue to have a safe place to call home for the next two months.

Earlier this year, several nonprofit organizations pooled resources to lease an old hotel for use as living space for people otherwise forced to shelter in various encampments throughout the county. The exact location of the hotel is being withheld to protect the privacy of its inhabitants.

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The lease was originally slated to expire in May, but an influx of cash will allow the program to continue through the end of July.

The shelter program is being run by the Kalamazoo County Continuum of Care along with Open Doors Kalamazoo, Urban Alliance, and HOPE thru Navigation, among other groups. Besides shelter, the group is providing wraparound services such as counseling and food assistance.

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