Kzoo transit to reduce bus service amid worker shortage

Buses will return to full capacity next week, but fewer drivers means less service.

Next week, Kalamazoo buses will open up all seats to passengers. COVID-19 restrictions have meant that the Kalamazoo Metro was limiting capacity on its buses.

At the same time, the transit system plans to reduce services on several of its most popular routes. That comes as the public transportation system struggles to find enough people to drive its buses.

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“Like many employers throughout the region and across the country, we are having to make service adjustments to accommodate our current staffing level,” said Kalamazoo Metro Executive Director Sean McBride in a statement.

The routes that run on Westnedge, East Main, and Paterson will move from running buses every half hour to once per hour. Saturday service will be reduced to 8:15am to 4:15pm throughout the system.

“Metro plans to have service times and days back to pre-COVID levels as fast as we can while being mindful of the impacts COVID has had in our community,” said McBride.

You can read more on Fox 17.

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