Loosened COVID restrictions leading to more respiratory diseases

After a virtually nonexistent flu season, loosening COVID rules means more people are getting sick with other things.

COVID-19 is on the decline in Michigan. In its place, hospitals are seeing more patients suffering from other respiratory illnesses.

All the precautions people took to fend off the coronavirus had a stark impact on the rates of flu and other diseases over the past year. In fact, last year’s flu season was almost nonexistent.

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With COVID infection rates dropping, restrictions are being lifted. That means less masks, less social distancing, and more opportunities for respiratory infections to move from person to person.

“It’s not entirely surprising that we’re seeing a slight uptick in some of these other respiratory viruses because people are getting together, closer contact, more crowded situations,” said Dr. Russ Lampen, division chief of infectious diseases for Spectrum Health, in an interview with WWMT.

Representatives from Bronson Methodist Hospital said they’re seeing more respiratory illnesses as well.

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