Michigan moves from requirements to recommendations

With most COVID-19 requirements off the books, state officials are now requesting - not ordering - workplaces to use safety precautions.

With most COVID restrictions having been rescinded, state officials are moving to recommendations businesses can follow to stay COVID safe.

All COVID-19 restrictions that affect the general public were officially removed on Tuesday after more than 15 months of the pandemic.

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That means people no longer have to wear masks at work and daily health screenings are a thing of the past. Businesses also don’t have to keep a COVID-19 safety plan on site at all times and can forego regular, COVID-specific cleanings.

But the Michigan Occupation and Safety Administration (MIOSHA) still says those things are a good idea. Instead of requiring them, the regulatory body is simply recommending them.

The change went into effect on Tuesday – the same day COVID restrictions were lifted. Not every workplace is exempt from the rules. Healthcare settings, for example, must still comply with some COVID restrictions.

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