The pandemic is ongoing for COVID Long Haulers

Some people never really get over the effects of COVID-19. As the pandemic winds down, they're still struggling.

Even as case rates decline and COVID restrictions evaporate, some people are stuck with a constant reminder of a pandemic that may never end.

So-called COVID Long Haulers are people still suffering debilitating effects of their COVID-19 infections well after the coronavirus has left their bodies.

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Long COVID can cause a myriad of problems including breathing difficulty, heart inflammation, and kidney damage. It can also cause chronic fatigue and a brain fog that makes even simple tasks difficult.

Bridge Michigan spoke to six people still suffering from COVID symptoms months after their infection ended.

“I can’t go for a drive without feeling like I ran a marathon,” said Ruth Randall of Flint Township. Since contracting COVID-19 in April, she has dealt with constant fatigue and trouble breathing.

Heather-Elizabeth Brown of Southfield was diagnosed with diabetes stemming from her fight with COVID-19. Even months later she is fighting heart and lung issues.

“It just seems like every couple of months, when I think I’ve gotten over the hump, something else happens,” she said.

You can read the full story on Bridge Michigan.

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