The spring surge of COVID was devastating – here are the numbers

The spring surge of the pandemic killed more than 4K and sent thousands to the hospitals.

The numbers are in and they show that the spring surge of COVID-19 was devastating to Michigan.

Rates of new coronavirus infections began trending upwards in late February, but they really picked up steam in March. The average of daily infections continued to climb until it hit a peak in mid-April.

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In all, more than 4,000 people have died from the coronavirus in Michigan since March 1. That’s 611 people in March, 1,743 in April, 1,371 in May, and 320 so far in June.

Hospitalizations spiked as well. MLive reports that 30,000 people were hospitalized for COVID-19 at some point since March 1.

What was unusual about the spring surge was the age of people being hospitalized. A large proportion of hospital patients were young adults. Experts said it was due to the fact that older Michiganders were very likely to have been vaccinated by that point.

Things have improved significantly since then. While the state’s positivity rate hit almost 17% at one point during the spring, that rate has dropped to just over 1% on Monday.

You can read more on MLive.

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