With mask mandate gone, some businesses still require them

Some businesses are still requiring masks even though the state has done away with the mandate.

It’s been one day since state leaders removed all COVID restrictions from the general public and things are getting closer to normal.

However, some businesses in Kalamazoo aren’t quite ready to go back to the way things were. Specifically, some stores are keeping masks on until further notice.

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Jeffrey Neal, the owner of Terrapin World Imports in downtown Kalamazoo, told WWMT they will still require masks for people who haven’t been vaccinated.

“I will leave it up to my employees to decide if they want to mask in the store,” he said. “I definitely will on busier days when there’s a high volume of people in here.”

That store may be in the minority. An informal poll of Kalamazoo businesses said they were happy to do away with the mask requirement entirely.

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