City leaders will get preview of police report before public

A review of police mishandling of protests last summer is coming to a close. City leaders will get to see the findings before members of the public.

A report reviewing the actions of the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety (KDPS) during protests and rallies last summer will be released to the public ahead of a public meeting to discuss the details.

However, before that happens city leaders will get a private presentation from the report’s authors.

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Context: In June of 2020, KDPS officers responded to Black Lives Matter protests with riot squads and tear gas. More than two months later, the same department took a “hands-off” approach to a rally by an out-of-town racist group. The rally descended into violence before officers reached the scene.

City residents questioned KDPS’ disparate responses and demanded accountability. KDPS Chief Karianne Thomas resigned, though it later turned out she was fired.

City leaders hired a company called the OIR Group to investigate all of it and issue a report. That report is expected to come out in the next couple months.

What’s Next: Though the public will be able to read the full report, city leaders want an opportunity to get ahead of any findings.

City Commissioner Jack Urban told MLive it’s important for the city to develop a response before the report is made public.

“It’s perfectly OK for us to have a little bit of time to craft a response, because without that, we could say something that isn’t exactly true, or isn’t well thought out and cause more trouble for ourselves,” he said.

You can read the full story here.

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