COVID hitting a plateau in Michigan

COVID's numbers dropped quickly for months, but we may have seen the bottom.

Between April 13 and June 28, the daily average of new COVID-19 cases plummeted from 7,014 per day to just 110 per day. The drop has been steep, dramatic, and pretty continuous – until recently.

In the past few weeks, the decline of new infections has slowed to a crawl. Then it stopped going down altogether. The average of new infections has been flat or risen slightly for the past several days.

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Some health experts worry that infection rates may start going up again. Still, most agree that if you’re vaccinated you’re probably safe.

Emily Martin, a University of Michigan epidemiologist, told MLive that she was thrilled to see how much new infections dropped in June, but wasn’t surprised when that stopped.

“Vaccination rates are still too low to keep from ever bouncing back up,” she said. “We’re entering an era where some areas will have low to nothing [in terms of cases] and some areas will be numbers that will swell up and then go away.”

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