Hearings over, redistricting moves forward

A first-of-its-kind state redistricting panel is moving into the next phase of redrawing voting lines.

The project to redraw Michigan’s voting districts is moving into a new phase.

Michigan’s independent redistricting commission spent the last few weeks hearing from members of the public about what it should consider before drawing new maps.

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It’s important because voting districts are only set once each decade and they can provide an unfair advantage to one political party or another through the use of gerrymandering.

The latest census numbers have shown that Michigan will lose one Congressional representative this time around. That means political representation could shift dramatically in some areas.

Having heard from the public about how it should set its priorities, the 13 member redistricting commission will now move to the drawing board. The panel will come up with draft maps for Michigan’s 110 state house districts, 38 state senate districts, and 13 U.S. House districts.

After that, the commission will tour the state with those drafts, collecting comment from the public before finalizing maps later this year.

You can read the full story on MLive.

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