Kzoo pauses return to in-person meetings

City leaders want to be more careful about their return to city hall.

Kalamazoo City Commissioners have put a pause on in-person meetings before they even got started.

What Happened: City leaders have been debating when to bring their biweekly commission meetings back into the real life city commission chambers. The commission has been meeting virtually since April 2020.

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The commission planned to discuss meeting in person beginning with its July 19 business meeting. Instead, commissioners decided to hold off on making a decision until they have more information.

What’s the Problem: When the commission returns to in-person meetings, it plans to do so using a hybrid model. That would allow members of the public to be present, but also to address the commission by phone.

Commissioners were worried that could be a hassle they’re not prepared for. Also, an independent investigator is soon expected to release a report on the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety’s mishandling of protests and rallies held last summer. The meeting after that happens could draw a crowd and commissioners are wary of doing that in person.

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