Health leaders predict fall COVID surge

New data models from state epidemiologists show another surge on the horizon, similar to the spring surge.

State epidemiologists have some bad news. With COVID-19 case rates already on the rise, this fall is shaping up to be a bad one.

“The median model projections indicate that this fall will look a lot like last spring,” said Sarah Lyon-Callo, the head of Michigan’s Bureau of Epidemiology.

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Based on data modeling released on Tuesday, Michigan is likely to see steadily increasing infection rates through the rest of August and into September. The surge could peak by late September or early October.

That is if the state follows the current trajectory. If people get vaccinated in higher numbers and mask up in public places such as schools, the surge could wind up being not as bad.

“We can blunt that curve if we are able to increase vaccination rates to where we were in April or if we’re able to reduce the exposures that we have or the contacts with each other,” said Lyon-Callo.


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