COVID-19 Justice

Kzoo city leaders ID top priorities for COVID spending

Surveys show residents want the city to spend on the economy, housing, and safety, among other things.

The City of Kalamazoo has a rush of money coming in thanks to federal stimulus funding. Now city leaders have some ideas on how to spend it.

The city is expecting to get around $38.9 million from the American Rescue Plan passed by Congress in March. It has until the end of 2026 to actually spend it.

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City leaders have been polling residents to ask what their spending priorities should be. Those surveys identify affordable housing as the top concern of people in the city, followed by infrastructure, the economy, and safety.

City staff have split spending priorities into five rough categories:

  • the economy
  • infrastructure
  • housing
  • safety
  • youth

City leaders say they should evaluate all potential projects to determine if they fulfill any of these priorities before those projects move forward. So far, no specific projects have been presented, just ways of judging potential projects.


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