Local institutions reinstate mask rules

As infection rates rise, WMU and Kalamazoo County again require masks indoors.

Two Kalamazoo institutions have returned to requiring people to wear masks while indoors – a sign that the pandemic is again worsening, but also that organizations are taking it seriously.

Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo County both followed guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in requiring all people to be masked while in their buildings regardless of vaccination status.

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The CDC recommended mask usage in any area it deems transmission of the coronavirus to be “substantial” or “high.” Kalamazoo County surpassed the criteria for “substantial” earlier this week.

WMU still hasn’t moved to require vaccinations for students, staff, and faculty returning to campus this month. That’s despite the state’s two largest universities enacting such policies.

Kalamazoo County is also requiring social distancing in its buildings and limiting operating hours to 9am to 3pm to reduce exposure to members of the public.

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