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Pandemic jobless benefits soon to end

More than 500K Michiganders will loose their unemployment benefits next week as federal payments expire.

Several hundred thousand Michiganders are about to get a pay cut.

At the end of next week federal pandemic unemployment benefits will finally expire after a year and a half. The program provided crucial income to people forced out of work by the pandemic and related business closures.

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While half a million residents are receiving unemployment assistance this week, roughly 89,000 will still see money coming in after next week. It’s not all good news for them either. Those recipients will have their benefits cut by $300.

Business leaders are hopeful that the end of payments will be a boost to their employment efforts. Many businesses are having a hard time finding enough workers, though unemployment benefits may not be solely to blame for worker shortages.

Meanwhile, advocates for the poor are worried the cuts in aid will overwhelmingly impact those already struggling to get by.

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