Schools weigh whether to mask or not

With rising COVID rates and new CDC guidance, some area districts are rethinking their mask policies. Others are not.

COVID-19 numbers have been rising for weeks. And with many students unable to get vaccinated against the virus, some area school districts are weighing the benefits of requiring masks this fall.

That comes after state and federal officials urged school districts to require masks in order to protect unvaccinated students from the coronavirus.

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Already, Kalamazoo Public Schools has stated it intends to require all students to wear masks whether they are vaccinated or not. But they’re in the minority.

Officials from Mattawan Consolidated Schools told WWMT that they are re-evaluating their COVID policies and will put out a statement next week.

At the same time, Portage Public Schools refuses to change course. The district announced last month that it was making masks optional for all students. Superintendent Mark Bielang said they recommend masks wearing but won’t require it.


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