The rise of the anti-anti-masker

After months of anti-mask protests, people are mobilizing to fight for COVID restrictions.

For months, those opposed to mask requirements have been the loudest voices in the room – protesting outside schools and defying official mandates. Now, parents in favor of COVID restrictions are beginning to organize.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued guidance stating that students should mask up while in school. The Michigan Department of Health and Community Services (MDHHS) has the same recommendation, though it refused to make it a rule.

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Polls indicate most Americans support mask mandates in schools. A majority even think schools should require staff be vaccinated. The most recent is a poll by the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, which shows widespread support for COVID mitigation efforts.

That majority has been much less visible than its noisy opposition. But it is starting to make itself known. Pro-mask groups have popped up in counties throughout Michigan, according to Bridge Michigan.

Parents in Portage have an organized group called Portage Parents for Masks in School. The district had, until recently, firmly refused to require masks in school. That changed with a countywide mandate.

As it stands, most students in Michigan will attend schools with mask mandates – at least for the time being. Unfortunately, that may not be enough to stop a fall surge.

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