9/13/21: Infection rates climb as positivity rates rebound

The 4th wave of COVID is rising slower than previous waves, but it's still climbing with no end in sight.

Michigan: Infection numbers climbed even higher in Michigan on Monday, as did all other stats related to the pandemic.

State health officials reported 6,093 new cases of COVID-19 over the course of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. That pushed the seven day average up 2,304 new cases per day.

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The state reported 29 new deaths over the weekend, with nine of them coming from a review of previous death records. The seven day average jumped by one to 20.89 deaths per day.

Hospitalizations rose by 37 to 1,516 patients in the state.

And the state’s positivity rate continued its long, slow ascent. In the week ending Sunday, 9.68% of COVID-19 tests conducted in the state returned positive results.

Kalamazoo County: Things are going slightly better in Kalamazoo County, though stats are headed in the wrong direction.

Health officials reported 127 new cases of COVID-19 over the weekend. That pushed the seven day average to 58.61 new cases per day.

There were no new deaths reported, but the average was still flat with eight deaths reported in the past week.

Kalamazoo's positivity rate, which had been declining for weeks, popped back up on Sunday. In the previous week, 9.06% of COVID-19 tests returned positive results. That's just a fraction higher than it was the previous day, but it's also a change of direction for the county.

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