Doctors worried about coming flu season

Last year's flu season was almost nonexistent. This year could make up for lost time.

Medical professionals are gearing up for what some say could be a devastating flu season in Michigan.

Last fall, widespread masking, social distancing, and other COVID prevention measures had the knock-on effect of keeping the flu at bay. The situation is very different this year, with people again gathering in public and many dismissing masks as unnecessary.

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“We are concerned that lots of people won’t get their flu shot this year just because of the association they’ve made between flu and COVID and thinking they are the same thing,” Kerry Ott of the upper peninsula’s LMAS Health Department told MLive. “And they are not. Completely different viruses.”

The light flu season last year could also mean lower immunity this year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is worried that this flu season could start earlier than usual and last longer.

It is encouraging people not to wait to get vaccinated. It has also said people don’t have to wait between getting a COVID shot and getting a flu shot. That could be important as people begin to receive booster shots of the COVID vaccine.


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