COVID-19 Justice

Families on the edge as 2 COVID programs come to an end

Two anchors of pandemic relief are coming to an end. That could spell trouble for families already struggling.

Unemployment benefits expired for millions of Americans on Monday. That marks the second COVID-related lifeline to disappear in recent weeks. The last, the federal eviction moratorium, was ended by the U.S. Supreme Court less than two weeks ago.

The end of the two programs could be a big problem for families still struggling after more than a year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Biden administration insists the U.S. is ready for unemployment assistance to come to an end. The program enhanced states’ own unemployment programs. In the case of Michigan, it was much more generous – providing more than $300 per week to people long after state benefits had run out.

Some other programs continue on. The monthly child tax credit is ongoing and the Biden administration has permanently boosted food aid for families. Still, experts worry that those may not be enough to forestall disaster for some families.


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