Federal vaccine mandate could affect 2M Michiganders

Half of Michigan's workforce could be required to be vaccinated against COVID.

A sweeping new federal order could require as many as 100 million Americans be vaccinated against COVID-19. That could include as many as 2 million people in Michigan.

President Joe Biden issued the new mandate Thursday. It will require private companies with more than 100 employees mandate vaccination or institute weekly COVID testing. It will also require all employees of the federal government or its contractors be vaccinated.

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The move is an effort to combat resurgent strains of the coronavirus as well as declining rates of vaccinations. Nearly 43,000 Michiganders contracted COVID-19 during August alone with more than 300 people succumbing to the disease.

But some health experts worry this could drive more anti-vax sentiment in the state. Already a significant proportion of residents feel the government is doing too much to combat the coronavirus.

Business leaders are torn on the idea. Some say such decisions should be left up to the individual businesses, while others say the mandate gives cover for what businesses want to do anyway.

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