Kzoo saw hotel boom this summer

After over a year of pandemic, people were eager for travel. That fueled the highest level of hotel stays in Kzoo history.

Hotels in Kalamazoo saw their best month ever in July. That’s after over a year of pandemic restrictions limited peoples’ ability to travel.

Tourism group Discover Kalamazoo announced that they saw a demand for 84,667 room nights during the month of July. That eclipsed the previous record of 77,770 set in August of 2010.

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It’s safe to say that pandemic restrictions fueled the heightened demand for rooms. As the summer began, automobile traffic was already rising to near pre-pandemic levels. That continued over the following months, as did the number of large-scale events, such as business conventions and sports tournaments.

Of course, all that was before the rise of Delta in Michigan and the current surge of COVID-19 cases. We don’t yet know what impact those have had on the hospitality industry since July, but it’s likely brought numbers back down.


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