Parts of Kzoo still less than 50% vaccinated

Getting Kzoo County to 70% vaccination is difficult due to holdout areas.

Overall, Kalamazoo County is doing a great job of getting vaccinated. Under the most recent stats, nearly 62% of the county is fully vaccinated – much higher than the state’s 57%.

But when you zoom in on the county you get a better picture of how vaccination rates are distributed. It turns out that some areas have a long way to go.

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Data provided by the county’s Department of Health and Community Services (KCDHCS) shows wide disparities between different parts of the county. Texas Township along with sections of the cities of Kalamazoo and Portage show vaccination rates above 80%.

Meanwhile, Charleston, Climax, and Wakeshma townships have vaccination rates below 50%. There are also parts of the City of Kalamazoo with similarly low numbers. Those include Kalamazoo’s student-heavy Vine Neighborhood and the minority-dominated Edison Neighborhood.

The county’s data tracks vaccination rates of people 16 and older and is segregated by census tract. The most recent data comes from September 8.

County health officials say they use the data to determine where to focus their vaccination efforts.


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