School outbreaks quadruple in Michigan

No new outbreaks in Kalamazoo County yet, but infections beginning in area schools.

With one week of school down, the COVID-19 outbreaks have begun.

In its latest school outbreak report, released Tuesday, state health officials announced 31 new outbreaks – a four-fold increase over the previous week’s total.

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The majority of the new outbreaks were in districts without a mask requirement. Two of the districts have instituted limited mask requirements since their COVID-19 outbreaks.

None of the new outbreaks are in Kalamazoo County, where all schools are required to enforce mask mandates in buildings serving up to grade six. However, Kalamazoo Public Schools has two ongoing outbreaks stemming from before the school year began.

That doesn’t mean there haven’t been any infections in Kalamazoo County schools since the school year began. Kalamazoo Public Schools has reported ten infections total since the beginning of last week. Portage Public Schools has had 13 infections.

As happened last fall, some of the largest outbreaks have occurred at colleges and universities. The University of Michigan, which has both a mask mandate and a vaccine requirement, reported 172 people infected in an ongoing outbreak.


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