County Commission shoots down anti-mask resolution

The resolution would have prompted the county's health officer to rescind the order requiring masks in most schools.

Kalamazoo County Commissioners on Tuesday voted against a resolution rejecting a county health order requiring masks in schools.

The resolution – put forth by the Republican minority on the board – was full of misinformation about the efficacy of mask usage. Masks have been widely proven to limit the spread of COVID-19.

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The order – issued in August by County Health Officer Jim Rutherford – required all students and staff to wear masks indoors in buildings serving kindergarten through sixth-graders. Rutherford has the authority to issue such orders and the commission is powerless to force him to rescind it.

Commissioner Fran Bruder Melgar equated the mask requirement to other safety measures put in place by the government.

“I see this more like a new traffic light or a stop sign on a road you are used to traveling freely, and now you have to stop where you wish you could just go,” she said. “But for the safety of everyone at that intersection, you put in traffic lights. We put in stop signs.”

The measure was rejected 6-3 along party lines.

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