COVID UPDATE: Kalamazoo now averaging more than one death per day

The average of deaths is rising in the rest of the state as well. The state reports 3 new outbreaks in Portage schools. New infection numbers are falling.

Outbreaks: COVID-19 has sickened 14 people in three different schools in Portage. That’s according to the latest report of outbreaks in schools from the state of Michigan.

Portage Public Schools’ Moorsbridge Elementary, Woodland Elementary, and Central Middle School were all the source of new outbreaks in the past week.

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As of last week, there were a total of eight new and ongoing outbreaks in Kalamazoo County. That included the three listed above, as well as:

  • Lake Center Elementary and Portage Northern High School, both in Portage
  • KRESA’s WoodsEdge Learning Center, also in Portage
  • Kalamazoo Central High School
  • The Gagie School in Kalamazoo

Statewide, more than 5,000 people have contracted the coronavirus in 497 new and ongoing outbreaks in schools. That surpasses the rate of outbreaks we experienced in the fall of 2020. But not all the stats are bad. Outbreaks at colleges and universities are much lower than they were this time last year. That’s likely attributable to the fact that most of college students are able to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Michigan: The average of new deaths is rising in Michigan at the same time that new infection numbers are falling.

State health officials reported 7,856 new cases of COVID-19 between Saturday and Monday. That caused the seven day average to fall by almost 100 to 3,210 new cases per day.

At the same time, the seven day average of deaths rose by two to 44.14 deaths per day. That average is the highest its been since late May. The state reported 56 new coronavirus deaths on Monday, with 29 coming from a review of previous death records.

The state’s positivity rate remained flat with 11.4% of COVID-19 tests returning positive results during the week ending Sunday.

Kalamazoo County: Health officials reported two new deaths from the coronavirus in Kalamazoo County over the weekend. That pushed the county's seven day average to 1.14 deaths per day.

Meanwhile, the average of new infections was flat on Monday. Health officials reported 169 new cases of the coronavirus over the weekend. That nudged the seven day average up by two to 79.14 new cases per day. That's higher than the average was on Friday, but not by much.

Unlike the rest of the state, Kalamazoo County's positivity rate seems to be climbing. In the week ending Sunday, 9.79% of COVID-19 tests conducted in the county returned positive results. That's a little higher than it was on Friday, but the rate is definitely trending upward.

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