Kzoo group wants Sheriff to end mask mandate

Members of the group protested the county's mask mandate Friday.

Some residents of Kalamazoo County are mad about a mask mandate issued by the county’s health officer in August. It requires all staff and students in K-6 schools to wear masks when indoors. The group wants the County’s Sheriff to do something about it.

Members of Kalamazoo County Citizens United protested Friday outside the sheriff’s office and Comstock Middle School. They called on Sheriff Richard Fuller to force the County Health Officer Jim Rutherford to rescind the mask order.

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“We’re asking Sheriff Fuller to cease – we are demanding that he cease and desist these immediately. He has repeatedly ignored the pleas of the citizens,” protester Sabrina Pritchett-Evans told Fox 17.

It is unclear what protesters think Fuller should or even can do about the county’s mask mandate. County health officers are statutorily able to issue orders to protect public health. And arguments against the constitutionality of public health requirements have repeatedly been rejected.

Nonetheless, Fuller has agreed to meet with members of the group. Fuller, a Democrat, is unlikely to side with the group, but it shows the effect of mounting pressure from anti-masking advocates.

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