Nearly 400 kids are catching COVID every day in Michigan

The coronavirus is wreaking havoc with young children's education.

Each day during the last week of September, 375 children under 12 came down with COVID-19 in Michigan. That’s a stark increase over summer numbers and a sign that the current surge of the coronavirus is being driven by young people.

The data comes from a state report from last week showing how dramatically school reopening is affecting the course of the pandemic.

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Those infections aren’t just affecting the children and their families, they’re also closing schools. As of October 1, outbreaks in schools had prompted 13 schools and preschools to close and three districts to shut down entirely.

Children under 12 still cannot be vaccinated against COVID-19, though Pfizer has applied to have its vaccine approved for 5- to 12-year-olds. That approval is still a long way off and school-related infections are just expected to grow.

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