Justice Unhoused

Officers clear out Kzoo homeless encampment

Residents were given 5 minutes to grab their things and go.

Kalamazoo Public Safety officers cleared the remaining residents of the Ampersee encampment Wednesday morning, a week after initially giving the order to leave. There were at least 50 people left at what had become the largest homeless encampment in the city.

The people living there said they had less than five minutes to pack up their belongings and get out, most with nowhere else to go.

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Ten of the residents moved to local shelters. A press release from the city stated that 50 people were given cell phones with which they could reach out to services for the unhoused. Two families were given transportation out of the area.

The city first gave the order to leave three weeks ago with a deadline of September 29. City leaders opted not to evict the people who stayed behind until Wednesday.

City crews tore down tents with a bulldozer. Many people were forced to abandon belongings. The city has closed off the area with fencing and caution tape and will clean up the site over the coming days.

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