Rapid COVID tests still difficult to find

Despite more than a year of pandemic, access to rapid COVID tests is still a problem. And it's getting worse.

It was supposed to be a lot easier to get a rapid COVID-19 test by now.

State and local policies are leaning heavily on the use of rapid COVID-19 tests to ensure people are safe to return to work, school, or sports practice. But that reliance is making it progressively more difficult for people to find those same rapid tests.

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It’s become so bad that some pharmacies are limiting how many of the tests people can buy at one time. That includes large chain stores like CVS and Rite-Aid.

At the same time, the mass testing drives of last fall have all but disappeared. Instead, people are having to rely on their regular health care provider to get tested – albeit with the PCR tests that can take up to several days to show results.

Health care providers are having a hard time keeping up. Denise Crawford, the CEO of the Family Health Center, told Bridge Michigan that demand for tests spiked as infection rates climbed over the summer.

“The shocker is how strong and how fast this happened,” she said.

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