See all 11 of Michigan’s proposed election maps

The redistricting commission will take these maps around the state to hear from citizens about what works and what doesn't.

The public can now see – and comment on – all 11 draft voting maps approved by the state’s independent redistricting commission.

The commission has redrawn voting districts for several different electoral positions throughout the state. There are three draft maps each for state senate and state house seats, and there are five draft maps for the U.S. House of Representatives.

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The commission gave each map a code name based on different Michigan trees. The links below will take you to interactive maps that will allow you to leave comments.

State Senate:

State House:

U.S. House:

All the maps are pretty different from the voting districts currently in use. That’s because prior to this decade redistricting was done by whichever political party happened to be in control of the state legislature. Most recently that was the Republican party, which created maps that are severely gerrymandered.

The commission will now tour the maps around the state getting input from citizens.


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